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Please note that abseiling will not be available from 3 July to 31 July inclusive


Paddle Power raftingBeat the winter blues, get the blood pumping and have some fun. We are lucky at Paddle Power that we can raft throughout the year.

With crisp early mornings, the days warm up beatifully between 10am and 3pm. Not a cloud in bright blue skies.

 Come and join us for a 90 minute rafting trip and a day of fun on the Crocodile River less than 45 minutes from Pretoria, Midrand, Randburg, Sandton and Krugersdorp.

Arrive at 9.30am and enjoy a cup of  tea or coffee and a biscuit while you sign the indemnity forms and get kitted up in a life jacket and helmet. We will transport you up into the nature reserve about 10 minutes away.

Our highly trained and experienced river guides will give you a comprehensive safety talk. If you listen well you are unlikely to take a tumble into the river and get cold! Good motivation to pay attention.

Get into your 2 person (yip I am being politically correct) raft and practise your paddling skills before navigating the first of 2 weirs. After the 2nd weir, make sure you don't get up too close to Mr Full Stop Rock or you might take a tumble. Don't worry the guides will keep you safe.

Navigate a few rapids and then drift down the river enjoying the beautiful scenery and bird life. A good time to chat to the guides and your friends and family.

Have a quick break at the halfway mark, enjoy a few more rapids and continue your journey back to Paddle Power.

Bridge abseilYou can combine the rafting trip with a 15 metre bridge abseil a couple of hundred metres before you get back. You take a walk up a path onto an old bridge over the river where the abseiling guide will be waiting for you. He will kit you up in the abseiling gear and help you abseil yourself down into your raft waiting below. Once you are done you paddle the remaining distance. We take children from the age of 12 for abseiling.

We have hot showers to freshen up after rafting.

We have a fully licensed on site restaurant which has a beautiful deck overlooking the river for those who want a more substantial meal and a glass or two of the stronger liquid.

Bring the family, your company colleagues, your friends and have a fun day out in the fresh air. We take children from the approximate age of 7 providing they are not afraid of water.

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What should you wear / bring?

  • Shorts or leggings, T-shirts - once you get paddling you will be warm
  • Closed shoes - takkies or water shoes. Or go barefoot. If you are abseiling, closed shoes are essential
  • Cap - for sun protection and to help the helmet fit more comfortably
  • Sunscreen - even in winter the South African sun is harsh
  • Secure your glasses with a chain
  • Bring a towel and change of warm clothes
  • Bring an extra pair of shoes as the ones you wear on the river will get wet
  • If you are going to shower bring shampoo and soap etc
  • Bring extra water if you wish. Out tap water is perfect to drink.
  • A Go-Pro, small waterproof camera or mobile phone to take pictures. We put the phones into the river guides dry box and into his dry bag.
  • If you can't survive a couple of hours with a cigarette we will pop them into the guides dry bag as well.
  • Our river guides have first aid kits for cuts, grazes, cpr etc but are not allowed to dispense medication of any sort to clients. Please bring any meds you need e.g. pain killers, allergy meds, insulin, heart meds etc. Please notify the guides of any medical condition you have that they should be aware of.
  • No alcohol is allowed prior to rafting or while on the river.
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Normal rates: 1 - 7 people rafting only

Groups of 8+ people rafting only

R390 pp

R360 pp

Abseiling: 2 - 7 people (we need a minimum of 2 people)

Abseiling: 8+ people abseiling

R330 pp

R310 pp

Rafting / Abseiling Combo: 2 - 7 people

Rafting / Abseiling Combo: 8+ people

R700 pp

R650 pp


Child under 10 who is accompanied by 2 adults in the same raft who have paid the standard rate.

R100 pp
**Rafting - Learners up to Grade 12 R320 pp
  Abseiling - Learners up to Grade 12 - minimum group size of 4 people R280 pp
 Book and pay for 7 people at the standard rate of R360 pp and the 8th person goes FREE! R360pp
Treat your team Monday to Friday - Book and pay for 6 people at the standard rate of R360 pp and 2 people go FREE!- R360pp
** Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult or teen who can take charge of the raft  





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