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Mazda BT-50 vehiclesRecently The Extraordinary Group (TEG) arranged a week long training series for Mazda who were launching their new BT-50 vehicles. It was a great priviliege to have the 250 people from the Mazda National Sales Teams having fun at Paddle Power.

TEG had organised the event to be based on an Amazing Race theme. Paddle Power was used for 2 activities - a river game and Crossbow.

Each day for 5 days, teams of up to 50 people arrived at Paddle Power to have fun and build team spirit. The teams arrived in hourly time slots and were given 35 minutes to complete their task.

Paddle Power decided to get the teams to play Blind Boater. Using our 2 person rafts, the person at the back wore a blindfold and had to paddle. The person in the front had to direct the paddler upstream a short distance, cross the river, collect a parcel from the opposite side and paddle back. It was hilarious watching them.

Those who weren't playing on the river learned to play Crossbow. We are still finding arrows stuck in trees and in the ground.

Not unexpectedly we had some good rain the one night and the river rose alarmingly. We decided to be kind and do away with the blindfolds. Also for those who were not keen to brave the river we did a fun game on the beach. Teams of 2 worked together. One was blindfolded and the other had to direct him/her through a maze of empty bottles and collect golf balls strategically placed.



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Rian van Wyk
2017-02-27, 11:21
Hosted an Amazing Race training event with Paddle Power as one of our stops. 250 people in a week, 16 teams a day! Pat and her team was really great … read more
Zertty Zeeh Zarmah
2017-02-27, 11:30
I'm doing it again with my Buddy.... We had Mad Fun.
2017-02-27, 11:28
Best day ever!!!! Thank you for making it super special!
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